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Topic: Bought the Delta 66 card + Omni in out

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    Bought the Delta 66 card + Omni in out

    I have just bought the Delta card and the omni breakoutbox.
    It has wonderfull spec. on the paper:

    two high quality mic preamps with 48 V phantom power.
    two head phones with adjustable vulome
    two extra ins
    thats a total of 4 analog ins plus a strereo SPDIF in
    4 direct outs plus the SPDIF
    Direct monitor out with independente volume control ( no need for a mixer)
    FX in
    record multitrack out
    4 auxilary outs with adjustable gain

    both PC and mac compatible and drivers for just about any aplication

    Fully multiclient.

    And everything for just about 550 US dolars

    I\'ll post a mail agin when I get the product and have had chanse to play around a bit with it.

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    Re: Bought the Delta 66 card + Omni in out

    so... how did it go??? Am considering that or just getting a mackie instead of the omni part.

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    Re: Bought the Delta 66 card + Omni in out

    I was told that the multi-client drivers wouldn\'t be available for a few weeks yet. I have a Delta66 too.

    Here\'s the email from MAudio I received this morning:

    \"We will have the multiclient drivers in a couple of weeks and will post
    them on our web site at www.midiman.net when available.


    What kind of results are you getting between Giga, and your sequencing software?

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