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Topic: Novice desperatly needs help

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    Novice desperatly needs help


    I\'m new to this group and glad to see so many knowledge people here. I\'ve been a musician for years but have just recently been studying Midi and all the elctronic jazz and am generally a technical idiot. I\'ve recently gotten a hold of a copy of Gigsampler 1.5 (I know its totally old). The problem is I can\'t get any sound to play on my computer speakers. I\'ve hit all the troubleshooting tips and nothing works. And of course I\'m not so stupid that I haven\'t frequnetly checked my speaker and mixer setttings, and the volume levels of the gigsamplers channels itself. I think it might have something to do with my soundcard, I have SB Live. Everything seems to be working perfectly fine, I can get it to work with my Cakewalk sequencer and the red dot always pops on when I play my keyboard, so obviously its transmitting midi data. My sound card is set up to my Midi output, and all other midi functions with my sequencer is fine.

    Possibilities I\'m thinking is one, I\'m somewhat confused because I really can\'t get midi to play on my computer from my keyboard though, but transmits perfectly fine to my keyboard, could this be the issue? Two, is it possible I don\'t have my keyboard set up right in iteslf to correlate with the Gigsampler? Three is it possible there is some esoteric thing I\'m missing on my soundcard even though I\'m trying to follow all the appropriate directions?

    Well thanks in advanced and I would really appriciate any help or advice someone could give


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    Re: Novice desperatly needs help

    Hey Skinny,

    I\'m not sure from your note whether or not you are getting midi signals into the Giga. If not, here goes:
    The Endless Wave midi driver that comes with Giga never worked for me through Cakewalk. There is a free virtual midi port called Hubris Midiloop (or something like that) that you can find on the web. Set Cake midi out to this as well as Giga midi in.
    If you are getting midi into Giga but no sound to your soundcard you may have to go into Config on Giga and set it differently.

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    Re: Novice desperatly needs help

    The Nemesys Midi Ports aren\'t working for me in Cakewalk; well, they work, but when they\'re enabled Cakewalk can\'t play audio so I can\'t use the Nemesys port. I could hoopty things up with a second sound card and a loopback cable on the midi port (!) but a program to do this would be great.

    What was this Hubris thing? I searched on Google and Metacrawler and got everything from magazines to pornography but no midi loopback program...

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