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Topic: Sibelius GPO and/or GPO Studio?

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    Question Sibelius GPO and/or GPO Studio?

    I am using Sibelius 4 with Mac OS X.4, and need an orchestral synthesizer.
    I notice that Sibelius is selling a special GPO Sibelius edition, but the
    Garritan website says that GPO Studio permits use with the regular Sibelius.
    I with to use GPO both with Sibelius AND a separate sequencer like Kontact2
    or Abelton Live. Which GPO version do I buy, or must I get both?

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    Re: Sibelius GPO and/or GPO Studio?

    You can buy GPO standalone and then upgrade that to Sibelius/GPO for $49. Then you get the best of both worlds.

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