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Topic: Finale/JaBB/GPO help, please

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    Cool Finale/JaBB/GPO help, please

    For some reason, after doing the Finale 2006c update, Human Playback is hosed on my machine for GPO and JaBB...

    (levels too low, JaBB and GPO no longer respond to crescendo or dynamics)

    I'm usually pretty good about tracking these things down, but this time I'm STUMPED


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    Re: Finale/JaBB/GPO help, please

    Have you tried setting HP Preferences "GPO support" to "Always"?

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    Re: Finale/JaBB/GPO help, please

    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie Fønshauge
    Have you tried setting HP Preferences "GPO support" to "Always"?
    Yup, checked that....

    Really... I didn't do ANYthing except the update, and now look what happens!

    At least the HOME setup is still working....

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    Re: Finale/JaBB/GPO help, please

    I think it was the c update, that lowered the Master Mixer to 64 as the default. What if you raise it - any difference?

    Apart from that, I can only think of HP Preferences "Use CC#1 for continuous dynamic", "Hairpin pair emphasis" and "Auto expression emphasis". But, I suppose you already checked those out.

    Which HP Style do you use? If you select Custom and check "Hairpins and dynamics", does that change anything? Not that it should, if you used one of the preset styles, but, hey, it is a computer

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    Re: Finale/JaBB/GPO help, please

    Just thought of another thing. Do you have HP Preferences | Advanced Parameters | Crescendo/Diminuendo set to Automatic?

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