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Topic: Midiman delta 44 with gigaSampler

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    Midiman delta 44 with gigaSampler

    I\'ve purchased cakewalk Pro Suite and am
    looking at getting a Midiman delta 44 to
    work with gigaSampler LE. The delta 44 does
    not have the digital io that the delta 66 has. Does this mean that if I wish to use
    gigaSampler with cakewalk I must route it
    out and back in again through analogue lines,
    thus degrading the sound? Would this not
    be an issue if I upgrade to gigaStudio?

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    Re: Midiman delta 44 with gigaSampler

    When I suggested a delta 66 for my machine instead of a Delta 1010, the store warned me that my latency would be higher with a 66, or 44.

    I don\'t know if this is true for the GSIF driver, but it might be worth checking out.

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