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Topic: Lightpipe I/O Recommendations?

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    Lightpipe I/O Recommendations?

    I am setting up a GigaStudio and want to use lightpipe (ADAT) I/O to interface with my MOTU 2408 as part of a professional rig. Does anyone have any recommendations on which soundcards? I\'m currently looking at four options:

    1. Wavecenter PCI
    2. Terratec EWS88D
    3. RME Digi 96/8
    4. Gina 24

    All help is appreciated.

    Aaron Symonds

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    Re: Lightpipe I/O Recommendations?

    I use the Frontier Dakota piped back in to a Yamaha DSP Factory via lightpipe. The GSIF drivers for the Frontier cards work great.

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    Re: Lightpipe I/O Recommendations?

    Thanks for letting me know. The Wavecenter PCI is the lowest price of the bunch (half the price of the Gina 24), but I wanted to know how Frontier are with GSIF.

    Thanks for replying.


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    Re: Lightpipe I/O Recommendations?

    I\'ve been using the Terratec EWS88D for the last few weeks and it seems to work well...although I do use a dedicated computer for Gigastudio on a separate partition.The GSIF drivers v.102 seems fine except now and then I have to re install them as they don\'t seem initialize the card correctly and i get no midi or audio .Slightly irritating.I will write to Nemesys and Terratec if it continues.I\'ve just finished a mixdown and the had no problems.The other advantage is that you can put up to 3 EWS88D\'s into your computer unlike the Wavecentre PCI which is the main reason I bought it so I could increase my outputs in the future.I\'m routing the lightpipe out of the EWS88D into the lightpipe in of my RME Hammerfall and everything is mixed internally in Logic Audio Platinum PC.There\'s no noticeable latency with GS which is great,
    Good luck
    Martin B

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    Re: Lightpipe I/O Recommendations?

    I use the Dakota/Montana combination from Frontier with 32 ADAT channels and a stereo S/PDIF output (+ 2 Midi IN/OUTs on Dakota and Wordclock on Montana). The combination works great with GS 160. One driver, one Interrupt, two slots (Montana: ISA or PCI Slot)
    A single Dakota can adress 16 channels ADAT and the stereo S/PDIF output.

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    Re: Lightpipe I/O Recommendations?

    I\'m sorry you guys, I\'m a little dense. Are you indicating that I can record from a sound card on one machine to a sound card on another using ADAT and getting 8 simultaneous channels? (assuming both cards have ADAT connectors, of course). If I\'m using a WaveCenter on one machine (PII) and a digi001 on the other (Macintosh). This will work? Which machine will be the clock \"master\"?

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