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Topic: Recommendations on GSIF card with DBXG50 connector

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    Recommendations on GSIF card with DBXG50 connector

    Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced GSIF card which has multiple h/w analogue in/outs (4/8 min, 8/8+ would be nice) and which ALSO has a daughterboard connector which would take my DBXG50.

    My current config is SBLive Plat + AWE32 with DBXG50 attached.
    the Plat obviously is the main soundcard and i use it with GStudio, but I really love the DBXG50 (with QS300 sounds via XGGold its a fantastic card) and use it a lot.
    Would love to ditch the AWE32, Get a decent pro GSIF card in it\'s place as long as I could also use my DB50XG...

    Dont really want to spend more than about £400 (GBP)...

    Any suggestions? Thanks..

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    Re: Recommendations on GSIF card with DBXG50 connector

    When you have the Pro-GSIF card ($500~$1000), you won\'t probably need the DBXG50 (32-voices). The good giga-sample-library sounds a lot better than any wavetable-soundcards. Don\'t forget that the sound quality might be nothing to do with personal taste...Unless you\'ll use the DBXG50 for something else.
    I would recommend the Creamware cards ($500~$4,500).

    Hope this helps

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