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Topic: Gigastudio NOT using Live! effects possible?

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    Gigastudio NOT using Live! effects possible?

    In order to use effects on the Soundfontsounds of my Live! card (using Cakewalk) I have to enable the reverb etc. using the global settings. This way all sounds from Gigastudio (and other audio) is using these effects too, and at 100%. Is there a way NOT to use the SB effects? Or should I buy another card, one for the MIDI and one for the audio? And since I\'m rather tight on my budget don\'t advice me one of those SPIF cards... (I\'d like to use my old DB50XG again too...)

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    Re: Gigastudio NOT using Live! effects possible?

    Is it possible to use the DB50XG for soundfonts and the SB for Giga?

    Nemesys only really mention the Awe64/SBLive cards as direct X cards that work.

    See here:

    If you don\'t want to explore untested cards, maybe get a second SB Live.

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