I had always had difficulty (aparrantly that is not news) with my DSP Factory and having upgraded my computer to a Duron 700 I decided to give it another shot. Running gigastudio, to my amazement, with the DSP direct-x drivers it ran great. The latency is detectable, but playing gigapiano I certainly don\'t find it unplayable. Cakewalk 9.3 runs great with it too. In cakewalk I \"deselected\" wave-out 1 as a driver, and also turned off any midi input and output in cakewalk. I then load giga, then load cakewalk, the signal still shows up on Cakewalk\'s Dsp Factory mixer, from there you can bus it to the effects modules. I haven\'t pushed the limits to see how well \"real\" multi-tracking works, but was able to playback and record several tracks to the same drive ( audio drive and giga piano on same drive) with no difficulty. When I find the \"limits\", if there is any interest I wil gladly pass that info on.
FYI- My system is a duron 700, 128 meg ram, dsp factory, using the gigabyte\'s motherboard soundcard midi input, and for drives I have 2 7200 rpm maxtor 30 gig drives on the same ide bus.