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Topic: Echo Gina 24...to buy or not to buy?

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    Echo Gina 24...to buy or not to buy?

    I\'ve recently upgraded my version of cakewalk, so now I have this wonderful GigaSampler LE (which I\'ll probably upgrade soon enough,) and have run into the \"cakewalk and GS both need dedicated outs\" issue. Ok, fine enough. I\'ve looked at many different IO boxes/card and feel that the Gina 24 is exactly what I need for the right price...but...

    I\'ve read many, /many/ posts in here of people having problems (the octave bug) and other various problems. What I\'d like to know is has anyone /NOT/ had any trouble with the Gina 24 using a Cakewalk/Gigasampler combination?

    FYI: I think I\'ve covered all the hardware snags (All intel chips, dual UDMA 66 drives, one dedicated to GS, 384Meg ram, fast CPU)

    So how\'z about it? Any success stories?


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    Re: Echo Gina 24...to buy or not to buy?


    I\'ve been it on the discussion about the octave problem, and until an hour ago would\'ve advised you to wait. However, I just received and installed the fix for the driver and it\'s working perfectly. I used the GINA20 before I got the 24 and never had any problems. Your system sounds well equipped to handle Cakewalk and GS. I\'m using both together and I only have 192 megs on a PII350...I do have dedicated UDMA/66 drives though.

    Good luck,

    Jim B.

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