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Topic: SOV to Fantom Xa

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    SOV to Fantom Xa

    A bit OT I know but I know that Eric frequents this corner of NS. Just wondering if anyone has had any success converting SOV or any other Akai formatted sample Libs to Roland Fantom format? I have the fantom converter and it resembles boar nipples. I tried the free converter and ended up getting the same errors which I've already spent plenty of effort explaining on another forum for Roland users. I really want to use some of the SOV stuff live for my band and the fact that the Fantom was going to be able to convert akai libs was a big factor in me buying the fantom in the first place. Therefore the current situation is really irritating. I'm starting to get more and more familiar with the sample structure of the Fantom and I've started to experiment with loading the raw WAVs from SOV and making my own patches. Talk about a lot of work. It gives me just that much more respect for Eric and all the other developers that pain-stakingly set 1000s of loop points and such. I'm sure I could get some good results eventually but wow!!! That would take forever and I'd probably burn out a few of the buttons on my Fantom. I'm certainly not placing any blame here except for Roland who advertised a feature that, from what I've experienced and what I've read from others, just doesnt really exist. I just thought I'd throw out a line for help here in case anyone might have any suggestions. Much appreciated.


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    Re: SOV to Fantom Xa

    Haven't tried that procedure, but I do know that the Fantom structure is totally different than the S-700 series samplers.

    I usually just use a laptop when I need SOV for live use....much less hassle!


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    Re: SOV to Fantom Xa

    I'm from the fantomized forums (fantom S owner). I wont count on the free translator program. It has never worked for me.

    Regarding the manual sample conversion : You can look up the sample loop points using a freebie editor such as audacity, or if you have a software sampler. Then, just put those numbers in notepad, and then dial them in your Fantom. I remember doing this once.

    Apart from the akai-non-compatibility, the fantom is an awesome instrument as a sampler and for manipulating loops and such. It'll stretch samples wonderfully.

    I remember sampling the triton LE's GM sitar into my Fantom S. All it required were 6 mono samples of the keys. Yup. Thats it. If anyone listened to it, they prolly wont notice the difference between the sitar of triton LE and that of the multisampled patch in my Fantom.

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