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Topic: Gigastudio and Creamware Pulsar

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    Gigastudio and Creamware Pulsar

    Hi there! I am going to buy Gigastudio and
    a Creamware Pulsar soundcard. Is someone
    using this solution or know how it works?

    Thank you!
    Best regards,

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    Re: Gigastudio and Creamware Pulsar


    I\'ve got the Pulsar II and Gigastudio, and at this stage can\'t get full polyphony. I\'m getting between 60 and 130 notes depending on the samples I use.

    I\'m in the middle of trying to figure out why, and haven\'t had an answer to my email to Creamware from a couple of weeks ago.

    My main question was whether or not the GSIF in Pulsar 2.01 was \'mature\' - ie had as good a performance as one can hope for.

    Pulsar is fun, but still has a few bugs - like when you open a new synth and it just plays a click. Close it, and reopen it and sometimes it\'s better, and plays fine - sometimes not.

    Occasionally, after altering the GSIF connections in a Pulsar project and rebooting Gigastudio, Giga will say that its audio hardware is NOT GSIF. Rebooting fixes this.

    These are not major hassles though. My big problem is that I wanted to run Logic audio with Giga and Pulsar and this appears NOT to be practical. If this is not your plan, and you like the virtual synth environment, you\'ll have a ball.

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    Re: Gigastudio and Creamware Pulsar

    For me Pulsar and Giga are good combination, searching about 30~40 day in this site, there were some discusions about \"Pulsar and Cubase\". It will gives you some ideas, how they suppose to work, of course also tricks, tips and system requirements.

    Here is a useful user forum, read them then determine by yourself of course you could raise some questions regarding what you try to do as well...here is the site:

    I have a few songs which are used the PulsarII and Giga environments, check them out and listen by your own ears. For further information, just simply drop me a few lines. For testing sounds, check here:

    Have more funs,

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