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Topic: GS and CW9 Session Drummer

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    GS and CW9 Session Drummer

    Cakewalk 9 has added a Session Drummer to the program allowing to audition a drum style and paste it into a midi track. With output port set to GigaSampler, I only hear the acoustic drum sample if the midi track is pasted, i.e., I can not here the drum set when I audition the session drummer. Is this a problem with the CW-GS interface or is there a solution?

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    Re: GS and CW9 Session Drummer

    No, you can hear Gigasampler while you are in the Session Drummer Audition Mode. What you have to do is open up Session Drummer and find the configuration options (I can\'t remember which tool bar button, use the tool tips to see). You then need to select the output port and midi channel at the bottom of the dialog. Unfortunately they are only numbered they don\'t use the same names as the midi output ports in track view. If you\'re not sure which output port you should use, check the midi devices in Cakewalk and count down the ouput ports until you find Gigasampler, and use this number in the Session Drummer Config dialog. Make sure you select the midi channel to the one with the drums on Gigasampler and you should now be able to audition without writing to a track.


    Mike Gill

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