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Topic: here's another Echo problem

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    here\'s another Echo problem

    Here\'s something very odd. I have a Gina 20 card and whenever I boot my sequencer from GS and then play a note from the sequencer the note sounds an octave to low! Hows that for weird? Everyone else is getting an octave to high and I\'m getting an octave to low. Well anyway I just thought I would share in everyone\'s misery.


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    Re: here\'s another Echo problem

    Yup! Same problem. I actually brought this problem up some time ago - I thought then that it was my Logic Audio\'s problem. The octave low problem self-resolved when I entered the audio driver in Logic, select and de-select some stuffs (without actually changing any settings!!!) - and everything came back to normal. I had to do this each time I start up Logic. Actually, it is more than just an octave transposition problem - the tonality was changed as well.

    I realised that this happened AFTER I installed the new Gina driver (not sure if it was 5.05 or 5.06). Perhaps reverting back to the old driver will help (5.02). I haven\'t got time to play around with the drivers yet. It could also be after I installed the new patch for GSt. Not sure which came first.

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    Re: here\'s another Echo problem


    There\'s been several posts about this, and from what I can tell Echo initially couldn\'t replicate the problem for a while. They have recently been able to confirm it, as well as getting a few Giga users to beta test for them.

    I think a solution must be not far off.

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    Re: here\'s another Echo problem

    Just a thought ,but if Echo and Nemesys can\'t replicate the octace up/down problem on there systems would lend the credibility towards the thinking that maybe there are some setting between giga and sequencer that are set diffent on your computer than their test computers and not nessesarly a driver problem.

    One place I would start would be to make sure the sample bit rate and the sampling rate are set the same between giga and your sequencer . good luck,Ken

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    Re: here\'s another Echo problem

    I too am experiencing the \"octave down\" problem with GS 2.01, Locic Audio 4.0 and the Gina. It happens even when I disable the audio drivers in Logic. If I launch Logic while holding down a note in GS, I can hear the pitch drop right in the middle of Logic\'s booting up.

    So any solution to this yet?


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    Re: here\'s another Echo problem

    Problem solved! Go to Echo\'s website: www.echoaudio.com, go to the downloads/drivers page. They\'ve got driver updates for most of the cards that were specifically written for this problem. In the case of the 24bit cards, the drivers are all beta and are not guaranteed. In my case (Gina 20), it was just a matter of getting the latest driver (5.02).

    Now I just have to go back and take out all of those +12 pitchbends on all my channels!


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    Re: here\'s another Echo problem

    If you had problems with the link in the above message, use this:]

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