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Topic: Wami Rack 24

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    Wami Rack 24

    I am out go get a new soundcard. I have a Gina 20 at the moment and I think it\'s a bit noisy and I\'d like a soundcard that sits in a rack. Therefore I did some research and read about the Wami Rack 24 which got raving reviews. Does anybody own it and knows if it\'s really good? I\'ll be using it for Giga and maybe some HD recording.


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    Re: Wami Rack 24

    Look.. I know how to find reviews and I already read a bunch. What I really wanted was comments from people using them with GS over a period of time and how well it works...


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    Re: Wami Rack 24

    I also choosed the Wami Rack as the best card for the money and I bought one last week.
    It arrived failed. The analog outs 1&2 do not work.
    Ego customer support do not answered my request yet.
    Let\'s see what happensRic

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    Re: Wami Rack 24

    I\'m having trouble with my Wami Rack & Pops even at very low polyphony. Someitmes I hear pops when just playing a wave file with Windows Media Player. Any Ideas?

    I am using wami driver 1.7
    My System is
    Intel P III 700
    512 Ram
    Mother board with Intel 440 bx chipset
    dma option on
    all drives with Nemesys Specs

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    Re: Wami Rack 24

    I don\'t get any of these problems.
    I have a PIII 733 with 128 MB RAM.
    I can play at least 60 voices of the Gigapiano, without any clicks or pops.
    I use driver version 1.9 now, but it worked with an older driver too.

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    Re: Wami Rack 24

    For the person having probs with Wami with Giga, you need to update to 2.01.25/26 to get it to work correctly.

    HAve had mine for jsut about a year, and love it. Very clean, the Mic Pre\'s aren\'t great,....but for line input/output, its fine.

    I get and average of 80 note polyphony on a PII 350 with 384MB of ram, and a udma/ATA 66 drive (Quantum 7200 RPM 30gig) Its a great unit, with 64 channels of MIDI its definately worth the price.

    The customer support was GREAT for me back when I got it. Tho that was when they first came out and I\'m not sure they were widely popular, but they got back to me very quickly, sometimes the same day. I\'m going to buy another onefor the next computer I build for Giga.

    The only problem I have with it, is using it for listening to MP3 files, its on the fly Sample Rate conversion gets in the way of listening to variable bit rate files since its constantly trying to sync itself up. I use my DX/XG playback setup on my Motherboard for that, and route it through one set of the WAMI inputs to listen to that stuff. Still...works great for me,...and a Great Price....kicks the **** out of the DX/XG playback of Giga.

    I woudln\'t mind having more inputs and a true multi client setup, but its fine for Giga. If you\'re running a sequencer/audio app on the same computer,..then it can be an issue if you need more than 4 outputs (4 for Giga, as its only 2 client, not true multi client) to route to a mixer..

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    Re: Wami Rack 24

    I use WamiRack 24 with Version 2.01.25/26
    and have no problems. Sounds fine and is absolutely worth the price.

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    Re: Wami Rack 24

    I know this forum was about a month ago, but when searching the archives for solutions to my own wami/giga pops/clicks problems i found KingIdiot\'s driver update solution. Possibly silly question....but where do you find 2.01.25/26? On EgoSys\' website they still only have 1.9. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, The Valley

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    Re: Wami Rack 24

    Have used WamiRack 24 for 6 months.
    Worked very well with Cakewalk+Giga.

    I think it\'s important to stick with a reliable chipset - like Intel\'s 440BX.

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