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Topic: GPO doesn't work with cubase??!?

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    Problems getting GPO working in Cubase

    I just bought and installed GPO (with the vst option checked).. the vst instrument doesn't show up in cubase vst instruments list.. how do I tell cubase that GPO is there?

    Am I supposed to manually copy the vst plugin dll from the GPO directory the the cubase directory somewhere??

    UPDATE: I copied the VST plugin dll to the vst plugins subdirectory of the cubase directory and it worked.. this should really be included in the product documentation or troubleshooting or something..

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    Re: Problems


    What manual is this you speak of? The manual that came as a booklet with the DVD is only 81 pages and covers the installation process but has no mention of this.

    BTW I have the Second Edition of GPO, not the First Edition, it's possible it was in the first edition's manual but was removed for some reason from the Second Edition!


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