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Topic: Does GS really not support Bank Changes?

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    Does GS really not support Bank Changes?

    After calling tech support today, I found out that GS does not support bank changes? Was there an addendum to the manual that I missed?
    Page 103 of the manual states that it will support bank changes. It sure seems like tech support speaks the truth, though, because I can\'t get GS to respond to any bank numbers from Cakewalk 8. Thanks if you can fill me in on this.

    Mahlon Bouldin

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    Re: Does GS really not support Bank Changes?


    tech-support should have told you that GS bank-switching should work but does not at the moment.

    This is a bug or missing feature or whatever you want to call it. It is bloody important, it is on the wishlist already and I hope it will come as soon as possible.

    I remember that Dave of Nemesys already commented on this.


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