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Topic: Boa Noite

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    Boa Noite

    A few months ago i have been asked from three great italian jazz musicians to write an arrangement for a melody the bassist composed as an introduction for their following improvisation. I was asked to use sampled strings, so i did it with GOS, GPO + Kirk Hunter solo violin. Their cd has just been released as "Sea of tranquility" by AB+. Here is an exerpt for your listening, i have faded out shortly after they come in not to run into copyright troubles.




    click on "scarica"

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    Re: Boa Noite

    I like it.

    Nice conversational tone... wondered where it might go.


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    Re: Boa Noite

    Roberto, this sounds wonderful but the decision to reverse the sound stage is odd. Wonderful sound!

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    Re: Boa Noite

    Really gorgeous sound and feel on this, Roberto --
    a master at work -- wonderful strings!


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    Re: Boa Noite

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN
    ... the decision to reverse the sound stage is odd.
    Dan, thank you, i don't know where in the process of mixing or maybe converting the file to mp3 a swap of left and right channels occurred! Originally the setting from violins to cellos was as usual... i do find it unpleasing too.

    David, my eternal gratitude to you, the ever-supporting man!

    my best


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    Re: Boa Noite

    Very beautiful! This is a great arrangement, dreamy and very smooth. Outstanding work .
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: Boa Noite

    LouisD, thank you, nice to know you liked it, I like your music too...


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    Re: Boa Noite

    Stopped back for another listen on this, Roberto;
    beautiful arrangement... and those strings have
    really caught my ear. I know you have a very
    heavy schedule right now; but perhaps when you
    have more time, you will tell us more of how you
    achieve this excellent sound!

    All my best,


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    Re: Boa Noite

    Wow, sounds great!

    love the string developments

    Please be sure to post the final, upon completion.

    Terrific work, Roberto.


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    Re: Boa Noite

    Beautiful Job on this Roberto.
    It is romantic, but not too much, it uses the intensity of the strings very well, and sets up the bitter-sweet entry of the saxophone to perfection.

    Great Stuff.

    regards Joe

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