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Topic: How Much Is Too Much CPU?

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    How Much Is Too Much CPU?

    I'm going to be building a new machine in the near future and trying to decide what I'll need. I'm looking at those new dual-core Xeons that will be even cheaper than Opterons. I'm wondering if I might be better off building one mondo machine in the hope that it might save me from having to deal with 1 or maybe even 2 extra machines. I think I'll be able to afford the parts for a machine that has 2 duals - 4 processors total, at ~3.2Ghz. Which is cool, but I wonder if my drive throughput and memory usage will run out long before my CPU utilization. I guess it really boils down to whether I'm going to get 1 or 2 dual processors, and wondering if the 2nd one (3rd&4th processors) will be worth the extra money. Anyone have an opinion?



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    Re: How Much Is Too Much CPU?

    In the video world dual core xeon w/ hyper threading is amazing but thats
    only if the app is optimised. i know cubase SX runs well for dual but i dont know about the other apps. make sure to check with your audio card to see if it can run with 2 xeon's or AMD. ussually what i do when buying a cpu is to find the right price point often its just below the fastest.

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    Re: How Much Is Too Much CPU?

    Thanks Mike.

    Yeah I'm using SX 3 (on a PC) so I know it will be compatible. But my main concern is whether or not other parts of the computer will max out way before I max out 4 processors - like hard drive throughput, or memory usage. So if these get maxed before I've even tapped, say, even 2 of the processors, then I've wasted money on the 3rd and 4th (the 2nd dual core), and the upgraded motherboard. And I don't have enough experience with projects large enough to start hitting these limits. I'm guessing it's easier than one would expect to reach them even on a big system like this, but I don't have a feel for when this happens. When you get a full orchestra, Altiverb, and a bunch of soft synths and effects and audio tracks all going at once, will 4 processors get me there, by and large? I know there's no absolutes because there's so many variables, but again, I'm just wondering is if it's typical that memory and hd's choke (or something else I'm not thinking of!) before 4 processors do?

    Thanks again!!


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