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Topic: Waveterminal + SBLive questions

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    Waveterminal + SBLive questions

    Big Dummy here again. Just got a Waveterminal 2496 to supplement my SBLive Value. I plan to run GS and CW, and want to keep the SBLive for its soundfont capabilities. Anybody out there running these two cards with success? Any tips, tricks, or gotchas?

    I know I need to connect the SB\'s digital out to the Waveterminal\'s SBLink in, but is there a compelling reason to connect the WT\'s SBLink out to the SB\'s digital in?

    Does it work to run the WT at 44.1 Khz while the SB runs at 48? Other than considerations of disk space, is there any reason *not* to run the WT at 48, considering that GS and CW support it? (Big Dummy asking.)

    What about the WT\'s clock i/o\'s? I read something in Sound on Sound e-zine about slaving the clock of a better card to a SBLive, but I didn\'t understand why. Should I leave \'em alone?

    Can I continue to use SBLive\'s joystick port as my midi i/o, or will I wind up being sorry I didn\'t buy the Miditerminal accessory for WT? I only have one external sound module.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Re: Waveterminal + SBLive questions


    I ran Aark 20/20+ and SBLive together. I set up the Aark to 48Khz with the SB 48Khz. When I ran Aark at 44 and the SB at 48, there was crackling and popping noise from the mismatch.

    As for the rest of your questions about WT,sorry-I\'m not sure.

    Good luck.

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