Right now I am running a Hewlett Packard 667 MHz Pentium 3, 128 megs of ram, 2 hard drives-one for audio(Cool Edit Pro)-30 gigabytes and one for programs(Cakewalk)-8 gigabyte. Which drive would I install Gigastudio 96 on? Programs are on C drive and audio is on D drive.
I also have a Delta 1010 soundcard which is both multiclient and GSIF compatibale. Would I hook up my midi the same way as I do with Cakewalk with Gigastudio? Midi out of my Roland XP-80 into Delta in, midi out of my Delta into Roland midi in. Also, I am using the Deltas 1/2 inputs and 1/2 outputs for sound going into my Mackie 1202. Will Gigastudio need seperate outputs from the Delta or will that same setup work as I am using now for Cakewalk?
Also, can I assign different reverb settings for each midi track from Gigastudios NFX reverbs?
I\'m ready to take the plunge, but I just want to be sure my hookups are all correct when I get it.
Damon Bradley
House of Blues keyboard player-Myrtle Beach,SC