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Topic: The perfect card-but which?

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    The perfect card-but which?

    In the search for a nice card for Giga, I\'ve read that many members had problems with the Wami Rack, which appears to be a nice card for the money (at least in paper), It has 4 midi inputs and 8 outs. Sound like serius stuff for Giga.
    But you know, all the specs in the word are meaningless if the card makes strange noises or has high latency when you just push it a little with high polyphony.
    Aldo,for more money you can buy a Delta 1010 (wich some memeber said it run very hot-I do not like it) and a multipor midi interface, like the midiman USB 4 by 4.
    Please, can anybody tell me the last word about the best audio board for Gigsa?


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    Re: The perfect card-but which?

    I use the Dakota/Montana combination from Frontier Design. Works fine and allows to use all possible 32 Gigastudio outputs (4x Adat In/Outs - max. in 24 Bit/48 khz).

    If Montana is not installed, Giga outputs 17-18 use the S/PDIF outputs of the Dakota.
    Dakota also has two MIDI IN/OUTS. After some problems with my Emagic Unitor and Gigastudio, I give them a try and what should I say: They work without any problem and the timing is exemplary.


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    Re: The perfect card-but which?

    I use WamiRack 24 and I\'m happy with it.
    Good sound, good many things... just the box is hot (good for winther)!

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    Re: The perfect card-but which?

    I also have Dakota. This is a great soundcard. You really can\'t go wrong with it. Very good asio driver too.
    The soundcard-driver is very flexible.
    I use the tango24 8/8 da-ad converter too from frontier design. It sounds good to me, although I haven\'t heard any other da-ad converters to compare it with. It (tango24) has a good reputation anyway.

    Also, I have to mention the costumer support.
    They\'re quick to respond, polite and informative.

    check it out at www.frontierdesign.com
    I know this sounds awfully much like a salemans ad, but this _is_ a good card. :-)

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    Re: The perfect card-but which?

    Hi All

    Im using the Darla 24/96 card and here in america it only cost $300.
    It has gsif drivers that work fine with giga studio .
    And a external breakout box [2in and 8 balanced output box] and it never gets hot .[we don\'t have much of a winter here in Florida , so I don\'t need a heater]

    I can recommend it ,although the only down side is that it doesn\'t have a midi port and a digital in and out.
    But what I did was ,run my sound blaster live card also in my computer which supply\'s a midi port and spdif digital in and out and the set up works fine.

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    Re: The perfect card-but which?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jean-Luc:
    I use WamiRack 24 and I\'m happy with it.
    Good sound, good many things... just the box is hot (good for winther)!

    Dear Jean,
    I just bought WR 24 but I cannot use Cubase VST to sequence the sounds of GSampler!!Do you have a workaround !!!

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    Re: The perfect card-but which?

    Thanks for the answers. I\'d like to ask to the Wami card owners how they rank the midi response using heavy midi data into Giga. How fasts is it?
    Also: how many voices are you getting? Any noises? Are you using Gigastudio or Gigasampler ?
    Thanks again

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    Re: The perfect card-but which?

    I posted in an earlier post about my Delta 1010 getting hot but it never gets unbearable and is a fantastic soundcard. 8 1/4\" ins, 8 1/4\" outs, wordclock in, and a wordclock out plus a midi-in, and midi out.
    The soundcard is a bit pricey. I\'ve seen it go for $900 on some places but zzounds carries it for $699. Also check out Chuck Levins Washington Music for a good price. They can usually match any price or drop it lower then anyone.
    The sound quality is incredible and I wouldn\'t have gone any other way.
    Your soundcard is obviously one of the most important things to add to your digital arsenal so consider getting something that is GSIF compatible and multi-cliented.
    I highly recommend the Delta 1010. Problem free and simply a monster of a soundcard.

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