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Topic: [MUSIC] Taj Mahal

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    [MUSIC] Taj Mahal


    here is a little fun I made today. Something traditionnal with surprising things, it is trip hop music.

    >> Taj Mahal <<

    Enjoy it


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    Re: [MUSIC] Taj Mahal

    I really dig this. The guitars especially.

    What libraries did you use?

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    Re: [MUSIC] Taj Mahal

    Thanks for your comment.

    Well I used :
    * EWQL RA
    * Stylus RMX
    * Vapor
    * I played and recorded the guitars via my TonePort UX2

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    Re: [MUSIC] Taj Mahal

    I changed the main theme because someone noticed that I played without knowing it the same melody than one of his demo.
    So now the file is updated.

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