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Topic: Delta 1010 sure does get hot

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    Delta 1010 sure does get hot

    I purchased a Delta 1010 and noticed after about 35 minutes, the unit gets real hot. Is this natural? It works as it should and is a solid piece of gear, but if this is not natural can anyone tell me what I can do about it?

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    Re: Delta 1010 sure does get hot

    Yes, that\'s OK.
    We got two units at the studio and both af them are getting extremly hot. But they are working pefectly.


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    Re: Delta 1010 sure does get hot


    I have a 1010 it also gets really warm....but no problems. Do you use gigasampler or gigastudio with your 1010 as myself and another guy on the forum are having problems actually opening up Cubase ..get a message.....\"hardware already open probably wave drivers\"....do you get this message? Get back to me on g.brockie@cableinet.co.uk


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