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Topic: I, Rasputin

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    I, Rasputin

    Dear Ladies and Gents,

    I recently completed scoring a "Mock" documentary. Very funny film, but done in a serious manner, and concerns the lesser-known history of Rasputin. The cues are very short (usually < 30s), which meant I had to establish the tone of each very quickly. It was written over a weekend.

    I had a lot of fun doing it, so thought I would post (for the first time) some of my own work and open myself up (somewhat nervously) for your comments. Given that they are so short, I thought I'd post a link to a jukebox with all of them on it.

    I used VSL, started using the VSL VIs on some cues (particularly the gypsy violins in cues 1M7 and 1M8), and also used Ethno World 3 for the balalaika.

    I, Rasputin

    Kind Regards,


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    Re: I, Rasputin


    You'd probably get more of a response if the files were streamable.
    Having to donload them and then play them is a real pia.

    I listened to 1 and it was cool!

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    Re: I, Rasputin

    I've managed to find a way to put them in a jukebox, and they'll now stream through Flash 8. Thanks.

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