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Topic: Do I need to upgrade?

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    Do I need to upgrade?

    Hey everyone. I'm behind on the libs I want and tend to catch up soon I hope. However, I'm still sitting here with Cubase SX 1.06. It works great and I have no complaints at all. But I'm wondering if it would benefit me greatly to upgrade before I but RMX and Atmosphere? I thought there was something in particular I heard about RMX being more functional under SX 2 or 3. Any comments? I'd love to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading too but it's a financial thing for me too. I dont want to spend anymore than what I need to. Thanks everyone.


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    Re: Do I need to upgrade?

    Hi Eric,

    Yes...you will need to upgrade if you want to use RMX in Cubase. One of the system recommandations is Cubase SX 2.2.0.

    Atmosphere will work fine in SX 1 though.

    For more info check out Spectrasonics.net

    Go for it man!!!


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    Re: Do I need to upgrade?

    There is a big difference in audio quality. SX1 was nice enough but SX3 sounds a LOT better.

    You might run into some problems importing your old mixes. If you reset the mixer in SX1, then import to SX3, it will work fine. You won't have your old mixes but since SX3 has a different sound, you would most likely want to remix your projects anyway.

    I think you will be pleased with the upgrade overall.

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