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Topic: Waveterminal 2496 multiclient???

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    Waveterminal 2496 multiclient???

    Hi, I wanted to know of somebody using a Waveterminal (either the original or the 2496) with Cubase VST and GigaStudio simultaneously, with the low latency ASIO driver and the Gsif at the same time. I understand that this card is multi-client.
    Any experience???


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    Re: Waveterminal 2496 multiclient???

    Found this at Nemesys: http://www.nemesystech.com/support/nemetips/egosys.html#wt2496

    Multiclient Functionality:
    1. Supports up to 2 applications simultaneously (channels 1,2 are ganged together, channels 3,4 are ganged together) .
    2. All MultiClient applications must run at the same sample rate.

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    Re: Waveterminal 2496 multiclient???

    Thanks... This arises a new question:
    Supposing that the channels 1 & 2 (analog out) are being used by Cubase and 3 & 4 (digital out) by GigaStudio: will I need to connect the spdif out to another equipment to monitor the channels 3 & 4 or is it possible to route them internally to the same analog outs in use by channels 1 & 2???
    I really will appreciate an answer for this because I will buy or not this card depending on this feature...
    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: Waveterminal 2496 multiclient???

    Sorry Puto,

    I just don\'t know this gear enough to answer.

    I\'d try egosys and Nemesys support, but be Very clear and unambiguous about how you want to route the I/Os.

    It might be worth explaining why you want to do this, so that they get a better picture of how to help.

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