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Topic: Delta-66's sampling rate fixed in GigaStudio to 44.1kHz

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    Delta-66\'s sampling rate fixed in GigaStudio to 44.1kHz

    I’ve been reading this forum for a while but this is my first post here.

    I got Delta-66 a while ago and was completely happy with its quality and stability. Few weeks ago I tried GigaStudio with Delta for the first time (before I worked on *.wav’s PC-projects and used external samplers mainly). Under “HW/Routing” item of Settings menu I found that Delta’s sampling rate was fixed to 44.1 kHz (with 16 or 24 bits). For SbLive! card (second sound card) I may choose sampling rates among 32 / 44.1 / 48 kHz (16 bits) though it’s said SbLive! is not GSIF Compatible.

    I need to set Delta’s sampling rate to 48 kHz to be equal to internal rate of SbLive! to avoid potential synchronization problem. I believed it should be possible to set rate up to 96 kHz for Delta. I sent mail to Delta’s support but haven’t received answer yet.

    I checked out the sampling rate is fixed to 44.1 kHz in GigaSampler as well.

    Could you smart guys give me advice may be I’m doing something wrong?

    The PC configuration is the following:
    ASUS P2B-S (+ integrated SCSI controller AHA2940U2) + PIII-550 (not O/C) + 256 Mb PC100
    Video: ATI Xpert 2000 (AGP, Rage 128, 32 Mb)
    2…5 LVD SCSI HDDs + DVD-ROM: Pioneer U03S (SCSI) + CD-RW: Yamaha 4416S (SCSI)
    Soundcards: M-Audio Delta 66 + Creative SbLive! Full
    Win98 SE, latest Delta drivers (though I tried different versions), no HW conflicts, latest BIOS, firmwares, SW updates, etc.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Delta-66\'s sampling rate fixed in GigaStudio to 44.1kHz

    I don\'t know the delta 66, but I found this in the online manual for it:

    As stated, most of the time the master clock is derived from the internal crystal oscillators. Operation in this mode is similar to that of a generic sound card — for
    instance, when a WAV file is played through the Delta drivers, the software application playing the WAV file is responsible for setting the sample rate in the sound card hardware. The Delta 66 supports these sample rates by using either of its internal crystal oscillators and dividing the rate of that oscillator by some value to derive the proper sample rate.
    End Quote.

    From this I would guess that the sample rate of the audio application using the Delta is where you set the clock, not the Delta, ie in Gigastudio.

    I also found this on page 24 of the pdf. Go to the Delta Control Panel and:
    >Under “CODEC Sample Rate,” verify that the “Rate Locked” checkbox is not activated. This will allow your application software to set the Delta 66 sample rate as it pleases.<

    It\'s also different if you\'re running something into the card via spdif and want to use that device\'s clock as the master.

    Good luck

    [This message has been edited by Chadwick (edited 08-21-2000).]

    [This message has been edited by Chadwick (edited 08-21-2000).]

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    Re: Delta-66\'s sampling rate fixed in GigaStudio to 44.1kHz


    The fixed sampling rate of 44.1kHz is a limitation due to bug in GSIF driver model.
    The good news is that it is fixed in the v2.01 patch of GigaStudio and availabled to all registered customers. Just go to our web site, and follow the links.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Delta-66\'s sampling rate fixed in GigaStudio to 44.1kHz

    Thank you both,
    now I know the solution.

    Best regards,

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