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Topic: RMX tutorial questions

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    RMX won't automate!

    I've been using the basic features of RMX for the last few months and have tried to get a better understanding of the possibilities. However i've had some issues with the tutorials and would like some demystifying. I'm using Nuendo 2 and and Edirol midi controller.

    1. Is there any reason why midi learn wouldn't work? It couldn't be more simple yet I get nothing. Is there a specific setting needed within either my sequencer or my controller?

    2. Half/Double fills doesn't affect the way RMX plays when triggered by data in the sequencer, only when playing through RMX standalone. Is this automatable through midi learn (if I get that far...)?

    3. The Changing The Feel tutorial shows how the quantize settings alter the feel of RMX. This is another seemingly simple parameter that yields no result for me. Again, there must be an internal setting in Nuendo.

    Is there a "Midi Don't Work" button i've got checked somewhere?

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    Re: RMX tutorial questions

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: RMX tutorial questions

    Regarding #2: I'm pretty sure that the half/double feature changes the midi file that you drag/drop to your sequencer by half/double. So, if you want to change those parameters throughout your piece, you'll have to drag/drop the different versions of the midi and chop those up to fit your needs.

    Sorry, no ideas about the other two.
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    Re: RMX tutorial questions

    Thats one problem solved, thanks.

    I believe the Midi learn problem stems from my controller which doesn't seem to be controlling anything, Stylus or other wise.

    Any suggestions on #3?

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