I am looking to replace my ageing AWE 64 Gold with something with e.g. 8 analog in/outs, SP-DIF + midi. Having done some research I was just about to buy a Hoontech DSP 24 with ADC&DAC 2000 - then I checked www.nemesysmusic.com/gigacard.html. To my horror I see the Hoontech card listed as not multi client!

Does anyone know whether a) this is true, the card is not multi client, or b) wether this is going to be resolved soon?

What I want to do is run Cakewalk 9 & Gigastudio in parallel on the same PC with the same soundcard.

If there is another way around this - I\'d be grateful for some tips. If not - what cards would anyone recommend (in a similarish price bracket)?

Thnx in advance.