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Topic: Support for Gina24?

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    Support for Gina24?

    Anyone know when Nemesys will release a Gigasampler update that will support the new Echo Gina24 card?

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    Re: Support for Gina24?

    A couple of days ago Nemesys emailed me that the Echo manufacturers probably had a working driver for the 24. A week before that I had received email from the Gina support guys that they would have something in \'a few weeks\'. Yesterday I emailed them asking if they actually had the driver yet, but haven\'t heard back.

    I think in this instance drivers are a two way street. From what some tech support guys have said, Nemesys had to do something before the card manufacturers could implement new drivers.

    Anyway you look at it, the Gina 24 will probably have GSIF by September....

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