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Topic: Problemes with gig and cubase

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    Problemes with gig and cubase

    Helle people

    I have problems with cubase and gigasampler.
    After I have installed both, first cubase than gigasampler, gigasampler says, that the mididivice is allready used from a other program. I deinstalled both programs and installed them once again. But this time first gigasampler than cubase, but nothing changed. Gigasampler shows the sam message.

    I have a DMan2044 and SB16, both have DirectX Drivers, AMDK6II 400, Cubase 4.7, gig 1.6

    Whats the probleme?
    Please help me.

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    Re: Problemes with gig and cubase


    I don\'t use Cubase for my work. But I wonder if your using Cubase in ASIO mode (which I am told, hogs the sound cards) and you should change to MME (?) mode. The downside of this is that your latency is all to pot. I am using Cakewalk 9 now and they have really addressed their latency issue and I can get to about 50/60ms...

    I don\'t know if my advice is correct but I heard about someone who had a similer problem. Apart from that, PaPa Chalk uses Cubase so might have some more useful advice.

    Keep Goin


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    Re: Problemes with gig and cubase

    Hello Deadman5,

    You need to assign cubase to one sound card and gigasampler to the other sound card. you are getting this message because you are trying to access the same card in directx. Go into your asio multimeda setup panel for cubase, click advanced options. Then disable your sb16 in the input and output ports, click \"ok\". Cubase should now do a test. This means cubase will use your Dman for audio. Once you\'ve done this start gigasampler and click on config button. Then go to the output tab. Pick your sb16 as the wave outdriver.
    This should help, I had success doing this with many diffent types of soundcards.

    PaPa Chalk

    p.s. make sure you are not using the ASIO directx setup in cubase. If so you will have to disable the sb16 if you are using the dman for cubase.

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    Re: Problemes with gig and cubase

    HI People

    Sorry, I have made a mistake.
    When I start gigasampler and aktivate it with the keyicon, it shows the message:
    AUDIO DEVICE is used from a other app or....

    Please help again.


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    Re: Problemes with gig and cubase

    Dear Papa,

    is it right that you should\'n\'t use the ASIO drivers when you work with GS and for example Cubasis ? I thought that the Asio drivers where especially designed for Steinberg programms and soundcards.
    Where can I find the MME drivers ?


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    Re: Problemes with gig and cubase

    Que pasa?

    I am using VST/24 (pc) and I can record the midi info, but cubase will not play it back. Can anyone help?

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