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Topic: Jazz & Big Band Now on Receptor

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    Jazz & Big Band Now on Receptor

    Jazz & Big Band Now on Receptor

    Muse Research has released "User Installable" installers for the Jazz & Big Band Library allowing existing owners of JABB to install and authorize them on Receptor, the hardware VST plug-in player.

    NOTE: You must already own, and have access to, the original DVD of JABB; the installers prepare your Receptor to receive the data files from the original DVD, and installs Receptorized patches for the plug-in's presets.

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    Re: Jazz & Big Band Now on Receptor

    Finally, now if only I had enough money for a Receptor...
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    Re: Jazz & Big Band Now on Receptor

    Gary, is this a free cross-grade? Do we have to give up an install to get it on the Receptor (I already have it on my Mac and one PC, am considering a Receptor for live gigs...)
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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