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Topic: Anyone using RAID drives/controllers?

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    Anyone using RAID drives/controllers?

    I\'m fighting that Maxtor drive and am wondering if i can get another one and an ULTRA 66/100 controller and stripe it in RAID 0 if that will help Gigasampler peformance.

    anyone try this?

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    Re: Anyone using RAID drives/controllers?

    I asked about raid not to long ago on the \"hardware\" thread, go back and look at it, a couple of users had problems with it as it appears to slow disk access time even though it increases sustained data throughput. Other users have told me that access time is the holy grail of gigastudio performance. Maybe if the raid controller is built into the motherboard it wouldn\'t effect access time, but I\'m only guessing here.

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    Re: Anyone using RAID drives/controllers?

    Save some money and go for the Cheetah X15: $560

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