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Topic: delta 1010 opinions?

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    delta 1010 opinions?

    Anyone using the delta 1010?? Opinions?? My plans are to run Gst and LAP 4.5 on the same machine (piii800 512mb ram) using the delta 1010. Will this work??

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    Re: delta 1010 opinions?

    I\'m looking at a similar setup.
    I\'ve been told that the Delta 1010 has good latency, but the Delta 66 has another 10ms.
    I didn\'t believe it because you use the same drivers, but the guy told me he got the info direct from the manufacturer.

    My single concern with the 1010 is that people are now bagging the NFX dsp effects and suggesting that

    1. They\'re not great compared to more \'serious\' effects (but they do come with the prog - so I can\'t complain)

    2. They suck CPU cycles which may seriously reduce polyphony.

    So I\'m looking hard at the Mixtreme and Pulsar II, as I\'d like to have as much of my arrangement sounding complete within the box as possible. But those cards aren\'t cheap.
    About US$1000 - $1500 over here.

    My local support on Mixtreme is supposed to be not great. Anyone able to comment on web support???

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    Re: delta 1010 opinions?

    The guys at Soundscape provide wonderful support via email and through their own message board. Very hard to beat. Also it isn\'t hard to pick up a Mixtreme for between $350 and $400 US. I use 2 of them and they are excellent.


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