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Topic: Hoontech DSP 24

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    Hoontech DSP 24

    Anyone got any experience with this card and Gifastudio?

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    Re: Hoontech DSP 24

    Well I haven\'t tried it with Gigastudio yet, but I do use a full Hoontech setup in my studio. I think it is excellent. Far better than Deltas or MOTU. I tried both side by side with the Hoontechs and for usability/sound quality/setup ease Hoontech is miles above anything else I\'ve tried. I still like my Mixtreme\'s more but the same rig from Soundscape would cost much more than from Hoontech. One heads up, if you can, get the system III is is much more versitile than the ADC/DAC 2000. I use 2 system III and one ADC/DAC 2000 in my recording machine with a Mixtreme also. It is a killer rig.


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    Re: Hoontech DSP 24


    Would you care to elaborate on the comparison of Hoontech/Mixtreme/and eventualy Pulsar? I guess there are more and more members starting to see the point in having external FX with GSt.
    - Which card works for what situation?
    - soundwise?
    - ...

    Much appreciate your \'realworld\' experience


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