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Topic: Will Sb cards work with gigastudio?

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    Will Sb cards work with gigastudio?

    Hi there

    Will gigastudio work with SB live or another SB card?

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    Re: Will Sb cards work with gigastudio?

    Yes, it works for me and it seems to work just for about everybody. It seems to be one of the least problematic cards and it has also hardly noticeable latency. You do get, however, only two channels output which also means can only apply one set of effects (i.e.you can\'t for instance apply two different halls to two instruments).

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    Re: Will Sb cards work with gigastudio?

    Sorry, forgot to say I was talking about SB Live. You might also want to check Nemesys\' web site where there is a list of compatible sound cards together with some more informations.

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    Re: Will Sb cards work with gigastudio?

    SB Live works perfectly with my GigaStudio.

    However I understand that the sound quality could be much better with a better sound card although I am trying to find out more about this before I upgrade.


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    Re: Will Sb cards work with gigastudio?

    Well, you are absolutely right. You can\'t expect (given the price) the Analog I/O to be of studio quality. However, I do not sample and use the card only to listen to GSt. I record then everything directly to disc, mixing it in the computer and burning directly to CD. So I do not need any In/Outs of high quality. And for output you can always use the Digital Out which will give much better results than using the on-board converters.


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    Re: Will Sb cards work with gigastudio?

    I had a terrible problem with pops and crackles with an SB Live..especially on bigger gig files. Shouldn\'t have been my other setup...PIII 500, Ultra-dma 7200rpm drives, 256 meg ram.

    who knows. i reinstalled windows plenty of times and it was always the same.

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