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Topic: Unity notes

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    Unity notes

    I have a question about unity notes.

    The GS editor manual briefly explains what unity notes are, but it does not really explain what happens when you adjust them, either in the samples themselves or in the Case Properties | Sampler settings. Or if it does, I can\'t find it.

    I want to know:

    1) What will happen to the sound of a sample if I change its unity note up one octave? Ditto down one octave.
    2) What will happen to the sound if I change the unity note in Case Properties | Sampler up one octave? Ditto down one octave.
    3) What will be the result if I change the unity note of the sample up an octave and then the Case Properties | Sampler unity note down an octave. Will they cancel each other out?

    Any gurus out there?


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    Re: Unity notes

    Changing the unity note up an octave will make the sample play back one octave LOWER. The difference between changing it in the sample properties and the case properties is really whether you want the sample changed GLOBALLY versus in one instance. Changing the sample property will change it globally, while changing the case property will only change it for that region in that instrument. And, yes, changing the unity note of a sample one octave will cancel out a transposition of the case property by one octave in the opposite direction. Note that the samples unity note property can be set/altered in wave editors like Sound Forge, so it is often preferable to set that in the wave editor so that the sample is more likely to be correctly identified with its pitch!

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    Re: Unity notes


    Thanks a lot for the explanation - I will print it out a stick it into the manual .

    Thanks again,


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