I just got a Maxtor 7200rpm drive and reinstalled everything and now there is wierd clicks and crazy samples...ie if i hit a bunch of notes, there are really wierd delay samples happening all over the place until i pull my foot off the sustain pedal. i had this happen before a long time ago on some samples with my SB Live card. I now have a Frontier Wavecenter PCI (bought only for use with GS) and it\'s back. I installed Gigastudio and it didn\'t work...unintalled/reinstalled still didn\'t work. Uninstalled and reinstalled Gigasampler and it seemed to work (did this on a older Quantum 4 gig 5400rpm drive as to not disturb all my other programs while i try to fix the prob.) So then i reinstalled everything from scratch (on the spare drive) and gigastudio seems to work so far. I notice on my Maxtor drive i can\'t seem to set the DMA, when i click it and reboot it always unchecked it. The Quantum doesn\'t do this...but it didn\'t seem to make a difference on or off with the Quantum as far as problems go.

What is the correct setting for GS..on or off? All other audio programs are really emphatic about making sure that all drives have DMA checked.

I\'m slowly rebuilding the drive to the same as the one that\'s not working to see if i can find the problem area. Anyone have any other ideas?

Does Gigasampler and win98 have to be on the first partition to work properly? I used to have win98 on the first partition, now it is on the second one (not on the spare/test drive) and win2k is on the first one. I have tried all the updgrades/patches for the programs and my sound card, any help would be appreciated.

thank you.