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Topic: Useful Card Comparisons

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    Useful Card Comparisons

    Maybe I\'m slow, but I never noticed this part of the Nemesys site before.
    It\'s an extremely detailed comparison of GSIF cards (and a little on DS cards)

    Have Nemesys or Northern Sounds mentioned this before?

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    Re: Useful Card Comparisons

    Well, quite an improvement. Must be quite new, couple of weeks ago it looked completely different.

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    Re: Useful Card Comparisons

    Thanks for the pointer, Chadwick. A lot of useful information presented in comparison format.


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    Re: Useful Card Comparisons

    Maybe we can start commenting in a \"structured way\" on the specific pros and cons of these cards. This would add considerable value to the otherwise \"scattered\" forum inputs.
    For starters one can cut and paste the table into Excel. Just a thought...

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    Re: Useful Card Comparisons

    I think that is a great idea. To me as a new member it is quite daunting thinking about upgrading a sound card. To have a table/data base from members discussions on the specific pros and cons would therefore be very helpful to users and I believe the manufacturers as well.

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    Re: Useful Card Comparisons

    What I find very discouraging is that there doesn\'t SEEM to be a single GSIF card that is working for everyone. There seems to be problems reported for all cards. Makes buying a GSIF card a gamble, IMHO. Not quite ready for prime time.

    If I have missed a card that is, in fact, working for everyone, then I would like to have that pointed out to me!

    Has anyone used any of the RME cards?


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    Re: Useful Card Comparisons

    I think this is very helpful information, Nemesy has started to provide \"detailed comparison of GSIF cards (and a little on DS cards)\". Thanks Chadwick for the pointer.
    I found nemesy missed some of Multiclient column (GSIF output channels)
    For example:
    Mixtreme: 16 (output channels)
    Pulsar/Scope: 32
    Aardvard: 6/8
    RME cards: ?
    Others: ?
    Hope this helps,

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    [This message has been edited by LHong (edited 07-30-2000).]

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    Re: Useful Card Comparisons

    Even further interesting is that nemesys states that RME hammerfall has GSIF drivers. This is not true at all!! The RME digi96 series has, but not hammerfall. I know: I own both. Yikes, seems you cant trust whats in there...

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    Re: Useful Card Comparisons

    To All,

    this new web link is an on-going attempt to make users aware of the different hardware available for the GigaX software. The page is just a couple of weeks old. NemeSys will try and keep the information as accurate as possible by verifying in our labs as well as communicating with the various hardware companies. Please check the web site frequently, as the information is dynamic.

    BTW, the RME Hammerfall is now GSIF compatible. They have been working on a new driver for the last month. You will need to contact their company regarding the availability of the new drivers.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Useful Card Comparisons

    Thanks Joe

    It\'s so useful to have all that stuff in the same place.

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