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Topic: Two cards, capture & timing

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    Two cards, capture & timing

    Hello there!

    I am using Yamaha DSPF and SBL Live (but it might apply to other cards as well). My idea was to use the SBLive for listening to GSt (since the DSPF does not want to work with GSt), to capture what I need direct to disc and then to use it as audio tracks in sequencer and mix it using the DSPFactory.

    There seems to bea timing problem however. A Giga-fellow suggests that the GSt when capturing is using the SBLive clock even if it does not output into the card. Which of course differs from the time base of the DSPF and so this audio tracks get out asynchron. If this is so, than my whole concept is wrong. Because even if I use the digital out and slave the DSPF to the SBL, afterwards when playing only thru the DSPF the clock will be different again.
    Is DSPF realy out?
    Anybody some opinion?


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    Re: Two cards, capture & timing

    Heres what we would do in this situation using cubase vst.

    Record all tracks direct to disk. Make sure you click on the Synchronize to midi button. this will start stop giga Sampler/studio. Record all your tracks and import them into your audio pool in cubase and place them in to your respective audio tracks. Now play the audio with your midi tracks. Now if it goes off when playing back, it is not a problem with giga Studio. Some times people for get about an adjustment within the sequencer you might have to make. depending on which card you are using and latency check your asio panel for midi to audio delay you may have to adjust this. This is because when you start cubase the midi or audio could be sarting first.
    we have not had any real problems with this but i would check this adjustment out on cubase. You have to remember when you are playing the audio out, it is routing out of cubase to the specified card and not out of gigasampler/studio\'s endless wave. It may be a similar situation for other audio sequencers.
    hope this helps

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Two cards, capture & timing

    Thanks for the reply.

    I do everything exactly the way you describe. I experimented a bit more and found out that my problem is related to the capture process itself. On some tracks the playing get stuck for a short moment and obviously the audio then runs out of sync. This actually happens even if I just playback without capturing. Strangely this always appears with strings: I have a symphony strings setup (VniI, VniII, Vle, Vcelli and Bassi), about same amount of notes each, same amount of controller data. The VnoI and Vcelli get stuck regularly (I mean for a fraction of second) even if they are soloed and even if all the controllers are muted. Strange. Don\'t have any explanation for this phenomenon.


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    Re: Two cards, capture & timing


    You say that, when you are playing your strings on Giga, you get pauses in the sound.

    This sounds like a problem which is not related to your sequencer at all.

    It\'s as if your system is having a problem simply playing back samples, let alone re recording audio tracks.

    Perhaps your hard disk is getting interrupted?

    What kind of system do you have?

    Are you running any programmes in the background (virus checkers etc.,)

    Are you running USB? (Some say that with USB enabled, Windows spends a lot of time checking the USB bus which can muck up its audio timing).

    Is your audio recorded on a seperate drive to your system files?

    From what I\'ve read, it\'s even more ideal to have three drives (!!!). One for applications, one for recording audio to, and one for playing back streams of Giga voices.

    Hope this helps in some way. But I think you might get more out of Kevin, Dave or Allen from Tascam...

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