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Topic: Yamaha DSP Factory

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    Yamaha DSP Factory

    is it possible to use Gigastudio with Yamaha DSP Factory successfullly?

    I do not see it on the list of recommended cards...


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    Re: Yamaha DSP Factory

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by JACEKF:
    is it possible to use Gigastudio with Yamaha DSP Factory successfullly?

    I do not see it on the list of recommended cards...


    Hi. You can probably get it working with 2 channels only, using the Direct-x drivers, but if you are using Asio in other applications like Cubase, GS will screw it up completely, because GS takes over its audio channels when you boot up the computer (not when you load GS), so you\'ll probably find it interfering with Asio even when GS is not loaded. To work with GS installed on your computer, the driver has to be multi-client even when you think you are only using one application, unless that application is GS.
    MME drivers in applications like Wavelab should work OK when not using GS. Best to get one of the cards on the list. Consider it as part of the basic hardware needed to run GS.

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    Re: Yamaha DSP Factory

    I went exactly the same way couple of months ago. I did not manage the GSt to output into the DSPF. After trying everything possible I bought SBL Live. True, I had to reinstall the computer from the scratch, but now it works exactly the way you describe. I use the SBL to listen to the GSt while sequencing, than I bounce the instruments to disc, and mix it afterwadrs using DSPF. Only I use Cubase and not Cakewalk.
    The only trouble I have is that sometimes I get timing problems when playing more tracks at once. Don\'t know why. Restarting the computer usually helps.
    Good luck.

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    Re: Yamaha DSP Factory

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by ondrej:
    I went exactly the same way couple of months ago.

    Great, I\'m glad to hear that. I guess I\'ll go that route too.

    Is there any word whether the Yamaha / GS incompatibility will be fixed? Is this a matter of Yamaha simply providing the proper drivers or is there some larger hardware-level incompatibility which ensures the two will never work together?

    Any info would be appreciated...

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    Re: Yamaha DSP Factory

    What if I had 2 soundscards, let\'s say
    Yamaha DSP for all the final mixing
    and something simpler like SB Live during
    the actual song creation process for GS to

    After the song is finished I dump all the
    tracks to WAV, mix in Cakewalk using

    Kinda convoluted, but would it work?

    I really like the Yamaha DSP card, it seems
    to be the perfect for a full-blown home
    studio, especially with all the on-board
    DSP. Seems a pity to give it up just for


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    Re: Yamaha DSP Factory

    Hello again!

    Well, if you read the ReadMe file accompanying a DS2416 DirectX driver, Yamaha insists it works with GigaS. In one of the earliers Topics someone explained to me how to make it work but it did not work for me. Anyway the latency of the DSPF is quite high (in Cubase when using ASIO driver, it is around 80ms) which makes this card unusable for live playing.

    And as regards GSIF driver, someone, on the same thread rightly pointed out that Yamaha, itself in the hardware sampler business, can\'t have any interest in making their card to work well with some much cheaper software sampler software.


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    Re: Yamaha DSP Factory

    Hey, Jacek, wait a moment.

    I am currently working on a problem regarding the above mentioned setup (DSPF and Live). I am starting a new topic. Please read more there.


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