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Topic: GS4 wish list?

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    GS4 wish list?

    Jon Fairhurts
    Also, Johnny said the word "GS4". Not that it will ship any day now, but I get the feeling that if there are features that we would like to see, we should make our requests be known.
    Well I'll be the first then, here is what i would like to see.

    First: script, similar to K2...a must IMHO. I would espacialy like to see legato script and vibrato would be nice...unless it's already there .

    Sec: Ramsave.

    P.S. Anybody tried PRF to emulate legato BTW?

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    Re: GS4 wish list?

    A detailed video (dvd actually) that explains how to use it.


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    Re: GS4 wish list?

    We're going to have to try harder than that!

    GS3 doesn't have scripts, but it has two different methods for developers to create legato instruments: the VSL way, and the less expensive way used by the new Westgate oboe, and, I believe SI's latest stuff. What would be cool would be a poor mans legato that could be applied to existing libs - you know, just start the second sample late, skipping the attack. Yeah, you can do that in the editor, but a point-and-shoot method would be very cool.

    Regarding videos, I think we may see those pop up at learngigastudio.com for GS3, and presumably GVI. They would be free (ad supported), which is way cool. Maybe they could sell DVDs to those who lack broadband.

    Some things I'd like to see would be sostenuto (my ancient Kurzweil PC-88 has it), as well as a true sympathitc resonance solution.

    The DEF filter needs to be developed further. I'd like to be able to assign it to other controllers, and would like to be able to draw a response curve and set limits.

    I'd like to be able to nest stacks. For instance, I could set up a given stack of instruments with whatever MIDI rules, then set up a second stack, then combine the two, but keep all of the original stack information whole. The current model flattens the instruments.

    I'd like to transpose the instruments in a stack by just sliding the keyboard right and left. This would be especially cool for building custom percussion combinations.

    I've got lots more ideas, but have to get to other stuff...


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    Re: GS4 wish list?

    Quote Originally Posted by chambermusic
    A detailed video (dvd actually) that explains how to use it.

    I wonder how David Govette is doing with that?

    I just hope I get to know G3 real well before 4 comes out.

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    Re: GS4 wish list?

    Compatibility with WinXP 64bit and Vista would be very nice.

    Also the DEF and PRF filters should be developed much further as Jon suggests.
    They could be made compatible with 16 bit libraries.

    Also, the meters in GS3 mixer should be overhauled.

    Inserts should have drag'n'drop.

    Latency compensation for VST plugins.

    The EQ should have a Low/Hi cut.

    It should be possible to put in the values in the Kompressor/ EQ manually rather than try to move the sliders. Though it works in Gigapulse Pro.

    And last but not least, the iMidi rules should be more exposed to the user as well. (Scripts maybe)
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: GS4 wish list?

    Next ones: More impulses for Gigapulse Pro

    The Gigaeditor could be built in directly into GS4

    Assignable Keycommands
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: GS4 wish list?

    Quote Originally Posted by kitekrazy
    I wonder how David Govette is doing with that?

    I just hope I get to know G3 real well before 4 comes out.
    I think he mentioned on the Sonic Controls forum that he finished his part and that Larry Seyer had it. It'll apparently be jointly authored.


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    Re: GS4 wish list?

    - more filter types ; improved filter quality
    - more LFO types
    - add 'coarse tune/transpose' (in chromatic notes) next to 'fine tune' (in cents)
    - save/load envelope presets
    - add more assignable (MIDI) controllers to Envelopes/Filters/LFO's
    - change parameter value by typing the new value with numerical keyboard
    - rename GUI "Envelope 1" to "Amplitude Envelope", "Envelope 2" to "Filter
    Envelope", "Envelope 3" to "Pitch Envelope"

    - load wav-files (and other sound files) directly to MIDI channels, without having to create "Distributed Wave Instruments"
    - "Distributed Wave Instruments" : create regions so you can transpose wav-files

    - attach “category” labels to banks, so you can quickly search on a particular category of sounds ; f.ex. browse all available guitar banks (even when the
    word “guitar” is not mentioned in the bank or instrument preset)
    - assign “evaluation” labels to banks, such as the 5-star evaluation in iTunes
    - assign “favourite” labels to banks, so you can quickly browse through all your favourite banks & instrument presets
    - search strings include multiple extensions at the same time (f.ex. *.gig AND *.wav)
    - add a text/JPG viewer window, where the user can add personal comments & JPG’s to illustrate sample libraries ; comments & pictures should be embedded in the gig-file as metadata. This would be very interesting for ethnic libraries : f.ex when loading a gig-file from the Spectrasonics “Hans Zimmer Guitars 2” or “Heart of Asia” library, the user can read performance tips and the corresponding picture tells him about the instrument’s physical looks & playing technique

    - more than 32 Mixer Groups
    - more than 4 Inserts per channel
    - more than 8 Aux Returns
    - save/load complete channel strip settings as presets, including all EQ / Dynamics / inserts settings (much like the way Logic Pro 7 handles this)

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    Re: GS4 wish list?

    Under Preferences the user should have the option to choose between different
    Languages like in Cubase/Nuendo ( English, German, ...)

    Also the help file should be in different languages.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: GS4 wish list?

    After learning and using K2 this year, there is alot that Giga can learn from them.

    1. MULTI-PLATFORM!!!!!!!

    2. Scripting!!!

    3. Giga should work with developers to re-design the editor from the ground up.

    4. I prefer the K2 method of laying out velocity splits.
    In Giga you begin by choosing how many you want and even though you can choose an odd number it actually creates more in the background (lazy).
    Also if you have only 1 or 2 velocity splits you can't limit them to specific ranges like K2. For example if you have one velocity split in Giga, it must range from 1-127. In Kontakt you just drag the limits where you want (1-50, 50-127, or whatever you want).

    5. As far as I know Giga is still the only sampler that doesn't keep the sound files and the program files seperate. This is huge for developers. If all samplers were the same in this regard we could distribute one set of sound files and all of the various sampler program files together without doubling the space needed or needing multiple copies of esentially the same thing.

    6. The quicksound database is a joke. Any time I make the slightest change, instrument lists get inverted and it's ridiculous to have to rebuild that list any time you get a new library. Why can't we just have a standard Window's-style interface that just shows you whatever is there on your disk. Most people keep their libraries in seperate folders anyway. Drag and Drop, look into it.

    7. I also like how in K2 you can define groups with all their various parameters and then simply copy and paste zones (samples) into them. This makes things go much smoother when creating multiple instuments that are very similar and when you need to make basic changes.

    8. Smart crossfades. These would only trigger the samples that you can actually hear when you have the mod wheel at a certain position and keep the ones out of range off until they are needed. This would save polyphony and allow developers to create crossfades with more samples.
    I sent this proposition to Tascam over a year ago but never got much of a response.

    9. Allow a controller to trigger a sample. This goes hand in hand with #8. The modwheel would actually have to turn samples on and off while you keep the key pressed down.

    p.s. Jon, our method of Legato is slightly different, but is closer to the VSL way rather than the SI way. SI uses a rule that was added to Giga just for them (although anyone can use it now), whereas we use the rule implemented for the VSL stuff bundled with Giga.
    Westgate Studios
    Sound Libraries for Gigastudio and Kontakt

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