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Topic: Gigasampler wave output

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    Gigasampler wave output

    I\'m a Gigasampler newbie who doesn\'t understand why the sounds I create and trigger on my keyboard and sequencer are so soft. The individual sounds are saved at a high level of volume, but still come out much softer when I load them into a midi channel. Even when I individually turn them up in my wave editor and then reload them, it still plays them with the same amount of softness. I am using this with drum sounds but I\'m trying to figure out what the deal is.

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    Re: Gigasampler wave output

    In Gigasampler-GUI, click Config, sampler setting, try to change the level setting in the \"Master-Attenuation\" more positive no. in db (-15db to +6db), you should get louder sound (my setup works fine about -3db to +6db db).
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