I am Giga newbee and
mainly use hardware samplers in my productions,
but since I heard so much positive news about this gigasoftwsamplers
I am considering to buy it.
4 questions came to my mind.

1: does it work well with sequencer software (using Logic
Audio Logic Platinum) and how does it work
in combination with sequencers?

2: what are the main differences between the 3 Gigas. packs?
I read the specifications but a user opinion is always better
any advise?

3: Does Giga use a lot of CPU power, what restrictions
pop up when you\'re a Giga user?
and what about Giga in combination with your sequencer, soundcard
I currently own a SB64 Gold, will trade it for one with more
ouputs not sure which one yet

4: what about filters, lfo\'s, envelopes
in other words, the editing features of Giga

These are a lot of questions, I know but
any comment is appreciated