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Topic: GPO + Sonar Home Studio 4 XL

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    GPO + Sonar Home Studio 4 XL

    I've been using Cubase LE which came bundled with GPO, but have been very frustrated with its limitations.

    Finally I was able to get Sonar Home Studio 4 XL--my sequencer of preference since it's an upgrade of the Pro Audio 9 I used for years. I had to stop using PA9 since it's a pre-VST system.

    NOTHING BUT ANGUISH---The sequencer crashes after only a couple minutes of playing a GPO instrument, then the computer crashes. Everything else works on the Home Studio software, and the soft synths that came with it work fine.

    I've tried both the VSTi and DXi versions of GPO, careful that they are located in the proper folders etc. Nothing has helped.

    On a time line with my music, so am VERY begrudgingly returning to work on Cubase, after having saved my pennies for the Cakewalk upgrade.

    Anyone out there who has an idea what I need to do??


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    Re: GPO + Sonar Home Studio 4 XL

    I probably won't be much help, I'll do my best though. Can you tell me more about your computer's specs? How much RAM, processors/speed etc? That may help me/us to determine what the problem could be.


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