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Topic: mixtreme card

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    mixtreme card

    I have Gigastudio with soundscape mixtreme card and am getting lots of crackle. Have spoken to soundscape and they say that there is a driver incompatibility with Gigastudio that didnt exist with gigasampler. Anyone else have that problem , if so keep on at Nemesys and soundscape to sort it out.

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    Re: mixtreme card

    Mixtreme with GigaSampler working great here...


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    Re: mixtreme card

    This is strange. I\'m using Mixtreme for GigaStudio160 too. I don\'t have the problem you described. I only got pops when I try to use too many NFX or running too many tracks, which seem to be the problem on GSt\'s side. And yes, I got the whole 160 polyphony.

    Deep White

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    Re: mixtreme card

    Deep white,
    I cant tell you how jealous I am and what I am going through. Please can you tell me exactly what you have in your system.

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    Re: mixtreme card

    512MB RAM
    Windows 98SE (Traditional Chinese Version)
    2 HDs (28GB each)
    Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
    (using Yamaha DSP Factory w/AX-88)
    GigaStudio 160
    (using Mixtreme w/i-box XLR)

    [Situations likely getting pops]
    Using too many midi channels
    Loading too many instruments
    (yeah, I got 160 polyphony with Steinway B piano only)

    [System crashes mostly when]
    Assigning too many NFX
    Loading certain instruments
    When it wants to crash

    Seems to me none of the above has anything to do with Mixtreme.

    By the way, what driver does Soundscape tell you that has incompatibility problem with GigaStudio160? I\'d like to know. You might also describe the problems you have, since I, like many other people here, have fought a long way to get GSt to work and might have some clues.

    Deep White

    [This message has been edited by Deep White (edited 07-16-2000).]

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    Re: mixtreme card

    I also have crackling and worst of all choking. GSt loses timing every random so often. No correlation to graphics, disk i/o activity. Tried every trick in the book. Nemesys say there is a problem with the ABIT boards but they didn\'t elaborate. Please tell us what motherboard and version of mixtreme drivers you are using.

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