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Topic: "March of the Stonebreakers"

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    "March of the Stonebreakers"

    This is a GPO piece I wrote a little while ago, inspired by an open-source MMORPG under development (the five-note oboe motif is a variation on the opening phrase from the game's splash screen music). I would have called it "March of the Dwarfs", but obviously that name was already taken; Stonebreakers are one of the two Dwarfish races in the game. The piece tells a story about the Stonebreakers' arrival and first experiences in the world of the game.

    I've bounced back and forth between liking this piece and hating it. Right now I'm in the "liking it" phase, so I figured I'd post it and ask for some commentary.

    March of the Stonebreakers: MP3 format (4.7 MB), Ogg Vorbis format (3.8 MB)
    -- Jeff Lee
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    Re: "March of the Stonebreakers"

    Nice job on this, Jeff... good work building it all around the five-note motif, but keeping it interesting and moving forward.


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    Re: "March of the Stonebreakers"


    I dont know why you would not like this piece, I think it would fit nicely into a games!


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    Re: "March of the Stonebreakers"

    Nice work Jeff!

    A great theme for a Dwarfish visual.

    A nice compositional structure that interplays well with the motif.

    Well done!


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    Re: "March of the Stonebreakers"

    I really enjoyed this piece! I like how the orchestration slowly builds up, it really helps keep the piece interesting throughout. Very nice work!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: "March of the Stonebreakers"


    I am a sucker for bassoon motifs!!!

    What I also like very much here is the variability ... always a little surprise! This makes me grin from one ear to the other and feel very good.

    Thank you,

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