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Topic: Digital Signal to MOTU 2408

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    Digital Signal to MOTU 2408

    I have been using the MOTU 2408 for Cubase VST/24 and the PCI Ensoniq Audio for GigaStudio. I have used the Ensoniq for monitoring, and use capture-to-wave to convert the GStudio MIDI tracks to audio, and then import into Cubase.

    However, the Ensoniq card has been borrowed, must be returned, and is no longer available.

    I have no hopes that MOTU will EVER release GSIF drivers. So, it is time to invest in a new, proper card for GStudio.

    I would like to add a GSIF card to my system that would feed into the digital inputs of the MOTU 2408, whilst running Cubase. (All on one system).

    Is this possible and reasonable? What card would you recommend?


    PS - saw Cubase VST/32 5.0 in action last night. Will be ordering my copy on Monday. Looks pretty slick. I\'m hoping that it will like to coexist with GStudio.

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    Re: Digital Signal to MOTU 2408

    Hi Lougheed.

    The Mixtreme would fill that role nicely. I\'m a real big fan of this card and it hooks to both GS and Cubase tightly with VERY low latency. The 2xTDIF\'s would connect straight to your MOTU for the desired effect.

    Not used the Mixtreme in that config here, but hook one to a Tascam TM-D1000 digi mixer and am well pleased with Soundscapes service.


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