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Topic: 'Lost' Creator JJ Abrams a Synth Geek

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    'Lost' Creator JJ Abrams a Synth Geek

    According to MusicThing Blog posted this morning (4/2306):
    'Lost' creator JJ Abrams is a synth geek. In this interview he tells of "A former closet adjacent to my office that's now a recording area. I have a keyboard and guitars and a computer set up there. I love recording music." He goes on to say: "I have a number of keyboards that are now, because of software, absolutely irrelevant. I probably will never play them, and yet I keep them.. In a nice ""Sing the theme tune... write the theme tune..." touch, he wrote and recorded the theme songs for 'Alias' and 'Lost'. He's also a mate of Thomas Dolby, (who now has an entertainingly geeky blog). He's a fan of Garritan Personal Orchestra (he says: "Pretty amazing"), and he has a SidStation:: "Just got my SidStation and I love it. I have a studio full of gear, many synths old and new, and the SidStation is a great addition. It's like nothing else, and that's a fantastic and rare thing. What you people have done is a tribute to innovative thinking and retro tech alike." If you're out there, JJ, do get in touch and tell us a) about those old synths and b) What's up with all that ranch dressing?"

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    Re: 'Lost' Creator JJ Abrams a Synth Geek

    The theme song for Lost? Huh?? It's cool, no doubt, but not really a theme song like "Greatest American Hero" or something, eh?

    He's really in demand now, doing the new Mission:Impossible movie and now pegged to direct and help write the next Star Trek film. I love Lost, so I'm certainly interested to see what he does for that.
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